VOOV #100kschoolchallenge – COMPETITION RULES

Promoters: This competition is promoted by Tencent Africa Services Pty Ltd (a company incorporated in South Africa with registration number 2015/445517/07) (“us”, “we” or “our”).

Competition Period: This competition will run from 1 September 2018 until 30 September 2018.  No entries will be accepted after midnight on 30 September 2018.

Who can enter: You’re entitled to participate in this competition if you’re a natural person who is at least 13 years old, a South African resident and have a VOOV account. You may NOT participate if you’re a supplier of goods or services in connection with this competition, or if you’re a director, member, partner, employee, agent of, or consultant to us or any other entity directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by us, or if you’re any of the aforementioned persons’ spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister or business partner.

How to enter: To participate in this competition, you need to:

  • tap on the in-app VOOV #100kschoolchallenge promotion banner; and
  • record and submit a video onto VOOV and tag your video with #100kschoolchallenge

How many times you can enter: You may enter this competition as many times as you like by following the instructions under “How to enter” above.

No entry fees: There are no entry fees to participate in the competition and no additional charges involved. You may incur your standard network data costs when creating and submitting your mini-video recording on VOOV to participate in the competition and you will be liable for such charges.

Prize: There is only one prize, being a cash prize of R100 000.00 (one hundred thousand Rand). The winner will receive R50 000.00 (fifty thousand Rand) and the other R50 000.00 (fifty thousand Rand) will be awarded to a school or registered educational non-profit organisation or charity nominated by the winner. The prize is not transferable. The prize money will be paid into the winner’s designated bank account. In the event that the winner is a minor, the cash prize will be paid into the bank account of the the minor’s parent or legal guardian.  


  • There will only be one winner.
  • The entrants will be displayed on a leaderboard and the person whose #100kschoolchallenge video receives the most likes will automatically be ranked top of the leaderboard and be declared as the winner. This is conditional upon the fact that the video is submitted during the competition period  and that the video’s first tag is #100myschoolchallenge.
  • If a user submits more than one video with the #100kschoolchallenge tag, the video with the most likes will be added to the campaign leaderboard. Only one video per VOOV account, with the #100kschoolchallenge tag, will be considered for the prize.
  • The winner will be notified via a direct in-app message within VOOV by 2 October 2018. We’ll attempt contact with the winner via a direct in-app message within VOOV at least 3 times, but if a winner fails to in-app message us back within 48 hours, that winner will forfeit the prize and we reserve the right to award the prize to another eligible entrant chosen as aforesaid.
  • The winner will be announced on or about 6 October 2018 on the VOOV app. We may require the winner to provide us with additional information as we may reasonably require in order to determine the winner and to process and/or facilitate the winner’s acceptance and/or use of the prize. Should the winner fail to accept the prize, the winner will forfeit the prize and we reserve the right to award the prize to another eligible entrant chosen as aforesaid. Proof of identity may be required to receive the prize and we reserve the right to refuse handing over of the prize to a potential winner who refuses to, or cannot provide sufficient documentation to verify his/her identity. You may not win the prize if it is unlawful to give such prize to you and if you do win the prize under such circumstances, you will forfeit it.
  • You may not be a winner if you’ve been a winner of any of our competitions within a period of three months of the Competition Period. If you were a winner of any of our competitions in the preceding three months of this competition, your entry will be automatically withdrawn and we reserve the right to choose another winner from the pool of eligible entrants.


Marketing: We may publish a winner’s name in our advertising, promotional and/or marketing material relating to the Competition (the nature and manner of which is to be determined within our sole discretion). A winner may also be asked to participate in marketing activities, including by having his/her photograph taken and published in our marketing material (without any remuneration being due to the winner), but he/she will be entitled to decline to participate in such marketing activities and/or to have his/her photograph published in marketing material.

Unforeseen events: Should unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control affect the competition in any way, we reserve the right to change the rules, change the prize, or cancel this competition entirely, as we deem fit based on such change in circumstances, at any time and without direct notice to each entrant.

Rules: By participating in this competition, you agree to all the Competition Rules set out above, without exception.  A copy of these Competition Rules is made available at